Victor is a man who strikes fear into those who cross him, a man with a dark and obscure past and almost limitless magical power.

We can only assume that Victor is about 38 in age, however we do not know his actual birthday.

Victor is the Deathbringer of Winterash and is some what infamous for his use of magic, Victor controls a type of magic that is considered demonic, although it looks like fire, it is far from.

Victor controls " HELLFIRE" a flame that just doesn't burn the flesh but also your very soul and being this also gave Victor the nickname Hell Hound. Among his Magic he is also adept in Martial arts, Firearm and also knows four other magical forms.

Victor is also Immortal which makes him the man for the job when missions are somewhat impossible to accomplish. Although we think he is invincible, Victor cannot die by regular means, but he still can feel pain.

From the orders time in knowing him Victor can take immense damage and still get back up, however if he is on sacred or holy ground his immortality will stop leaving him vulnerable to his enemies. Among his immortality Victor also has immense strength and speed, making him dangerous regardless. Victor is also on the Black list, which is a list of people who are the highest threat to the world or the country, Currently Victor is number 1 on this list.

From what he has said Victor was around the time of the great Revolution of 1910 so we could assume he was a Hunter for higher.


Victor his heavily tattoo'd with hexes and unkown magical symbols, he is easily Identified with his Three long scars on his left eyebrow and cheek.

Victor's second name is Unknown and chooses to not give it to others.

Victor is Human (Somewhat)

Victor can also see the dead

Victor can also play Piano but prefers composing original works.

Victor knew Van Hellsing

Victor has a very High alcohol tolerance

Victor by Law and agreement cannot leave Winterash without asking for permission from the Chancellor of his country and the Chancellor of the country he wants to go to If he doesn't ask and leaves, he will be considered a threat.

Victor barley sleeps

Victor has scared 3 of his secretaries away just because of the vibe he gives off.

Victor has a foster Daughter who is Kate and she is in his Squad.

Victor teaches classes on Sundays.

Victor hates hot weather

Victor once said he used to have brown hair and eyes.

Victor stands 6 feet tall and weighs 11 stone