Lily O' Conner
Lily O Conner is a 22 year old women who is the most recent member to Victors Squad, after initially failing the first exam in Greydole, she then was transferred to Winterash to attempt a special exam where she would be tested in the field. The Exam was a success and Lily is now Victors Personal apprentice in magic and investigation.

Lily is a Blair, someone who can fully learn Black and White arcana with no struggle or power difference, she is also very knowledgeable in magical forms,techniques and rituals. Although she is adept in magic, she isn't the most physically strong member of the team that Victor would rely on. She often uses magic as her weapon and generally thinks things through enough for her to be well accustomed to most situations.

Lily in the past was a victim to a house fire losing both her parents in the inferno she also suffered a severe burn on her upper right back and has now gained a phobia of house fires or wild flames. Although this fear is not completely irrational or uncontrollable she does at times fear Victor because of his use of flame magic.

Lily only has one family member whom she stays in touch which is her cousin Bella who is a long time companion to Lily and somewhat of an older sibling figure to Lily.

Lily's main reason why she wanted to become a Lawbringer was she wanted to find out who caused the fire to her house, from the information she had gathered in her time in the order of Greydole, Lily had found out that there was a rouge Lawbringer who set the house on fire as a distraction to evade his pursuers leaving this rouge Lawbringer's whereabouts Unknown.


Lily is very adept in healing and minor surgery.

Lily is very close friends with Kate, who is Victor's foster daughter.

Lily is afraid of House fires or Burning building.

Lily loves to read.

Lily has a special pair of glasses that allow her to read 10x faster than a human being, these pair of glasses also translate any language she reads.

Lily has her left shoulder and upper arm tatoo'd in purple ink, that give her some advantage in Arcana.

Lily has a burn scar on her Upper right of her back.

Lily stands 5'3 tall and is the shortest in the group.

Lily loves to listen to music and particularly opera and concerts.

Lily's family the O' Conner's are a very well known family in the royalty circle and would often get invited to gatherings.

Victor knew Lily's Father and Mother very well.

Lily has met the chancellor of Greydole and Winterash twice.

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