Lawbringers are people who offer the rest of their life in protecting the people of their country from supernatural dangers and threats, Lawbringers however may share the same name, they all have different roles. Some enforce trivial laws like vandalism theft and murder. While others will deal with serious threats like Werewolves ritualistic sacrifices political assassinations exorcism and investigations on supernatural murders.

Jobs vary in being a Lawbringer, there is a specialist for almost any situation and this is heavily determined on ranking of said Lawbringer.

From Rank D to Rank A

Rank D to C will cover Trivial laws, Drug trafficking. Violence and other Civil laws that cause harm in everyday life.

Rank B Will cover Investigation in Kidnapping, Murder, Supernatural possession, Monster control on a medium scale , and also Trivial Laws from Rank D to C.

Rank A are elite Lawbringers who are trained in most fields and will mainly focus on Private missions that are of High level and have a High risk of casualty or death. This means on Monster control of Large scale, Witch Hunting, Magic sacrificing, internal affairs, and even Teaching new Lawbringers in their respective fields. This Rank also includes in dealing with corrupted Lawbingers.

Lawbringers must have at least two other partners or else it is considered a non official party and could lead to trial or danger of Lawbringers life on missions.


For every country there is a Deathbringer and these people are considered legends among men generally considered extremely powerful and will often not hesitate to show it.

These people are the commander of every Lawbringer in their country. These Deathbringers can also be called Generals. These people can also change certain Laws . However this must be reviewed by the chancellor and the other Deathbringers before the law is changed.

If a Deathbringer gives out a command, you must follow, if not you will get punishment like Demotion or suspension.

Deathbringers have a Private squad consisting of three others who are generally trained by the Deathbringer Him or Herself.

Deathbringers can also Teach classes and Deal with almost considered suicidal missions. There can only be one Deathbringer per Country, and for a new Deathbringer to be made, one of the members in the Deathbringers Squad must challenge the Deathbringer in a sparring match, This often results in Death. You can challenge other Deathbringers, so long as you are an apprentice of a Deathbringer.

The Founder of the Hunter was Van Hellsing in 1910 on April 26th who is considered the first Deathbringer to have lived. However the name Hunters were changed to Lawbringers in 1926 shortly after Van Hellsings Death.