Kromorga is a massive continent that is divided into four separate countries each having different laws views and customs. Before the Revolutionary War of 1910 Kromorga was just one country with barley any form of fair political views or even fair laws. Kromorga housed many beings of life, Elves , Dwarves , Humans, Werewolves, Ichanti's and even Dragons. Because Humans were considered inferior to the other beings like Elves and Ichanti this gave the Ichanti's and Elves a reason to incorporate slavery and oppression towards the Humans and sometimes Dwarves.

This Left the Humans with nearly no protection to the harsh and unforgiving world of Kromorga and later caused the Revolution to fight and stand for the considered inferior race. This Battle lasted 15 years with blood on both sides. leaving a peace Treaty to be made.

And now Kromorga is a four county continent with a Chancellor to represent the political sides of their country and Lawbringers who are people who protect the innocent and to help enforce fair laws on the citizens of their country and finally a Deathbringer who represents the Law of their country and is the most powerful Lawbringer that one of the four countries has to offer.

Kromorga has four countries

Winterash Winter-Ash

Corwick Core-Wick

Ling-ro Ling-Ro

Greydole Grey-Do-Le

Winterash is the largest country of Kromorga

Corwick stands second largest

Greydole Third and Ling-ro fourth.