Along time ago during a time where men and women could not defend themselves against creatures of the night, a man had stepped in and created an elite group of men "Soldiers" these men had one goal and one goal only. Destroy the creatures of the dark and protect the people who cannot protect themselves. These men named Hunters.

Hunters have a strict rule, once you are a hunter to must take the oath, and be branded the hunters mark. If you disobey this oath by any means you will become the prey to the hunter.

Over time hunters became ruthless for their bloodlust monster after monster, demon after demon. They even have been feared on the battle field and in the homes of families which prompted a nursery rhyme

"Oh hunter Oh hunter how your axe is so red made of silver and iron to slay the un dead,

Your eyes they shine with a crimson spark and if I should cross you, you'll leave your mark,

For gold and silver will you slay for me ? butcher those who seek to harm thee.

And in the moon's pale light , when your lanterns low, he'll come and get you and eat your soul !

This rhyme had spread a massive misconception about hunters, however most hunters used dark and sinister methods to protect themselves and others. Hunters would not devour souls of people, most of us believe this rhyme was to make children behave for their parents.

Every hunters equipment is different, most were heavily improvised like long rifle, a single shot gun with a bayonet shev, which was a thin disposable blade used for close encounters. Hunters barley ever used magic and believed magic was a way to corrupt those who where once righteous people.

Hunters were easily identified with long leather trench coats, waist coats and hats or hoods to disguise their face, they have also used face scarves dipped in lavender, as they had believed you can catch diseases of monsters they had slayed.

Van Hellsing was the founder of the first order in winter ash and from 1910 to 1926.In 1926 the name Hunters and their methods were changed to Lawbringers and now Lawbringers incorporate laws to make people safe from almost any situation.

Now hunters are a thing of the past and often forgotten.

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